Your video podcast guide to health and fitness- covering food, exercise, health tips and organization. This is Living a Fit Life with Amy Mac. If you have ever said, “There has got to be a better way to do this,” then this show is for you. I have that same thought everyday and so I decided to create a show for that purpose. This show is focused around YOU living a fit life. I talk about news and trends, do a technology gear review, demonstrate an exercise, delve into foods and recipes and of course, I give you a health and fitness tip. I want this to be your all inclusive guide to making you AND your life better. Which also means that suggestions are welcome…if you have ever wanted to see an exercise demonstrated, wondered how to eat that strange vegetable in the produce aisle or curious about gear, gadgets and fitness equipment or workouts, now is your chance to have me find the answer. I am a certified personal trainer and am sharing my knowledge and experience through my shows…give it a try, you might learn something. From the producer of the Fitness Attack Podcast and Adam Curry’s Assercize Podcast.